Competitive prices
that you can trust.

We will provide you with the ‘right’ category margins that will make your business more profitable. We accurately survey all products in each category weekly as sold by our competitors, and set our pricing to win your business. Our services team assures you that we will beat or match on 80% of the prices for top selling items when compared to our competitors.

Our prices are consistent and dependable so that you can purchase as little or as much as you need.

What would you do if we give you up to £15,000 for free?
on a day by day basis. You will never have to worry about the need to stock up when you see a deal.

Our shop floor is priced on an 'Everyday Low Pricing' policy. This means we can assure you of value for money when you shop with us. All our pricing is clearly marked with a recommended retail price, your cash profit and profit margin.

All of this gives you the confidence when you shop with us of the profits you will make.

Gain access
to credit.

We will give you a credit facility to help support your business’s cash flow requirements so that you have the ability to purchase for your customer’s needs as they develop. You will always have funds available to make the larger purchases as your sales grow.

We offer by Direct Debt up to 14 days Credit Facility with same day approval.
When you are approved for a credit facility with us you will see a 'Step change' increase in cash flow and you will have access to funds to expand your business.

You will never have to worry about how your money is controlled with our simple and easy to use credit service.

It Is Time to Become a Market Leading Retailer.

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