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We will make your vision to become a Market Leading Retailer a reality by developing the store plan, supported with finance arrangements, that will increase your sales by having the ‘right’ range, the ‘right’ services and the ‘right’ promotions.

Our simple step-by-step guide will have you signed up on the same day without leaving you confused over lengthy terms and conditions. We will provide you with a dedicated store representative to support you with your on-going needs.
There are no monthly contract costs or annual franchise fees. Working together we will help plan your store refit and get the most from the re-launch.

Achieve a 30% increase in sales and earn a direct cash back of £1,000 per year (tax free) by participating in 'Lifestyle Express'.

Retail Marketing

Take business back from the high street supermarkets and increase your sales and profits by driving more customer traffic through your premises when you use our uniqure Retail Marketing Execution service.

A sales person trained in independent retail marketing will visit you in-store and determine your business's customer catchment area, and in doing so will help you to identify the full potential of your business.

We will then provide you with the in-store point of sale materials and on your behalf we will main out a leaflet with all your deals to the residents in your catchment area.
The service is FREE for qualifying customers. Retail Marketing Execution includes in-strore posters, shelf edge labels and the customer deal leaflets.You can earn a minimum of £20,000 in profits EXTRA per year by making use of our Retail Marketing Execution service.

Please ask in-depot for more information.

It Is Time to Become a Market Leading Retailer.

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