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  • We will provide you with the 'right' category margins that will make your business more profitable. We accurately survey all products in each category weekly as sold by our competitors, and set our pricing to win your business. Our services team assures you that we will beat or match on 80% of the prices for top selling items when compared to our competitors.

  • Our prices are consistent and dependable so that you can purchase as little or as much as you need on a day by day basis. You will never have to worry about the need to stock up when you see a dea

  • Our shop floor is priced on an 'Everyday Low Pricing' policy. This means we can assure you of value for money when you shop with us. All our pricing is clearly marked with a recommended retail price, your cash profit and profit margin.

  • All of this gives you the confidence when you shop with us of the profits you will make.


  • We offer a complete range of deals, so whether your competition is a supermarket express store, a discount retailer or a public house, you have the confidence to compete.

  • Our promotions are based on market demands. Using the 'right' selection of products you will always save money when shopping with us and increase your profits.

Products and Availability

  • We stock a wide range of products from a variety of categories such as licensed, soft drinks, confectionary, snacks, grocery and our quality value range.

  • Our aim is to simply provide you with the fastest selling everyday items - with a premium selection for your customers that desire extra quality, and a value option for customers who want to save that extra few pence. Our range is aimed at retail businesses such as convenience stores, pubs and restaurants.

  • We use market information to ensure that our range of products stocked will sell quickly, and this will generate more cash in your tills. We take great pride in understanding consumer demand and will help advise you to stock the 'right' products.

  • As the rate of sales increase you will generate more overall profits.

  • Our value range is designed to offer extra savings to your customers every day and helps you to compete with the supermarket's own branded products across all key categories, whilst delivering you excellent profit margins.

  • In our value range we offer price mark packs and plain packs in a multiple of sizes that suit your customer's demands.

  • Our value range is assured by Landmark Wholesale who are widely acknowledged for their excellence in the retail sector.

  • Our value range is priced to provide you with much higher profit margins than then selling traditional market leading brands.

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